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手工蠟燭以白雲為設計的靈感,將 Kiri 的 Live Free Every Day 概念融入其中。


含羞草 - 金黃的含羞草散發着淡淡的甘甜花蜜香。
甜柑橘 - 檸檬。蜜餞橙皮。
晨風 - 和煦的陽光。輕柔的清晨微風。
雪松 - 溫柔。泥土。木香。

燃燒時間: 20-25小時、用大豆蠟製造 

The blue sky and white clouds design was inspired by Kiri’s tagline “Live Free Every Day”.

A refreshing floral blend of mimosa blossoms with a delicate touch of honey and undertones of sweet citrus fruits. A sense of calm from the soft morning sun and a gentle breeze. Then perfectly rounded off with notes of soft earthy cedarwood.

Product Notes
Mimosa - yellow mimosa blossoms with a delicate touch of honey
Sweet citrus- lemon, candied orange peel
Morning breeze - soft morning sun, crisp fresh air
Cedarwood - soft and earthy aroma

Burn Time: 20-25 hours
Made with Soy Wax