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擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)
擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)
擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)
擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)
擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)
擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)

擴香水晶香薰 (粉水晶)

Each rough stone has a special meaning. It is presented in the most natural form without being polished. It has its own uniqueness. Together with our aromatherapy essential oils, it can help purify your body and mind.


Material 材質:
Natural crystal rough stone天然水晶原石
Container 容器:  Glass bottle玻璃瓶
Size 尺寸(cm): Diameter about 7.5cm x height 8.8cm 口徑約 7.5cm x 高 8.8cm

Color 顏色: Pink 粉色
Stone Size 原石尺寸:  about 2 - 5cm/piece  
Count 顆數:about 12 - 15 pieces (the number varies according to the size)

The product contains 1 stick of aromatherapy essential oil of your choice (10ml)
- 冬日炭木 Titio
- 午後橙花 Orange Blossom
- 白茶 White Tea
- 桂花 Osmanthus Fragrans
- 鼠尾草與海鹽 Wood Sage & Sea Salt
- 梨與小蒼蘭 English Pear and Freesia
- 薰衣草 Lavender
- 藍風鈴 Wild Bluebell